Musical score in 5/4 time with dynamics

Interpreting Score Notation for Guitarists.

Playing music from a score requires a well-defined interpretation of the symbols in the score that represent the music to be played. This page specifies that interpretation by defining guitar-specific notation used in Semiosis Music Publishing scores.

We use Gehrkens' Music Notation and Terminology as a reference specification for Semiosis Music Publishing scores. For elements missing from the reference specification, the guitar-specific notation accrues, or adds to, the reference specification. When elements of the guitar-specific notation differ from the reference specification, the guitar-specific notation supercedes the reference specification.

Elements in the specification are either terms or symbols from western musical notation. A guitar-specific interpretation defines a term and illustrates the use of the symbols associated with the term by example.

Term Type


Enharmonic Equivalents




Power Chords


Whammy Bar

From time to time the guitar-specific notation with include new term types.