Musical score in 5/4 time with dynamics


Slide. The notation for a slide is a straight line between the initial and terminal notes, annotated with either the expression Slide or the abbreviation sl.When first introduced and later followed by abbreviation sl the annotation is Slide (sl).

Slide implies that the notes are sustained for the duration indicated without interruption. It provides no further information about its release, or fingering.

Example 1 illustrates how to introduce Slide (sl) in a composition. The guitarist interprets the straight line between A and C to mean a slide from A to C and that sl is an abbreviation for later slides in the score. Example 2 is an example of the abbeviation sl to slide from A to C. Repeated occurrences of identical usage may omit the annotation.

Slide often requires compact notation, therefore the annotation may be introduced by the in-line abbreviation sl. When the abbreviation sl appears in-line, it appears at the beginning of the line. A slide may also be indicated with no initial or no terminal note.

Example 3 illustrates an in-line abbreviation to slide from A to C. Example 4 illustrates a slide from C to an unspecified terminal note.