Musical score in 5/4 time with dynamics

Download Settings, Security and False Flags

On this page I explain the verified download settings for various browsers and describe why the shopping cart you use is secure despite the false flags that may be reported by your browser.

Download Settings

Chrome. Set Chrome to download PDFs rather than open PDFs in the Chrome viewer. See PDF Viewer Not Working


When you place an order, this site refers you to the Paypal shopping cart. All the financial and personally identifiable information you provide is in the Paypal shopping cart. The order you place is as secure as on Paypal.

Once you click Return to Merchant, your information remains securely on the Paypal shopping cart. Semiosis Music Publishing separately allows a protected download secured by Basic Authentication as defined in IETF 7617.

False Flags

Various browsers may provide false flags in an attempt to alarm the casual user rather than explain the finer points of internet security. Disregard these false flags. Because your order is placed on the Paypal shopping cart, the order you place is as secure as on Paypal. Your information stays on Paypal.