Musical score in 5/4 time with dynamics

The Ascent to Reason : Musical Analysis and Structure.

I In this video I introduce the backstory behind The Ascent to Reason. I explain how Today information has become essential to our success and well-being. And I explain the title of the composition in relation to the quest archtype.

M1 In this video I discuss the harmonic structure of the first movement of The Ascent to Reason and demonstrate the cross picking technique I use.

M2 In this video I introduce the entertaining story line behind the second movement from 0sec to 6:30sec. The multimedia and non-fungible token funding are on hold while the Federal Reserve intentionally tanks the world economy. I then provide a musical analysis of the second movement in terms of tonal center as well as harmonic structure and melodic exposition.

M3 In this video I continue the store line, this time concurrent with the third movement. Beginning around 1:40sec I discuss the semantics of whammy bar notation .